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Are you dissatisfied every time you purchase a new face cream?  Do you like its texture, but  its fragrance not at all ? Have you been loyal to the same product for years, because it seemed to be working on your skin, but now your complexion appears to be so tired and faded ? Certainly you are not using the product which best suits to you!

Only a tailor-made cream may respect  your uniqueness, and may offer real results, since it modulates itself in accordance with your specific needs. Indeed, every skin has to be regarded in its own way, even the same face may require different actions in different periods of our life.

Basing on this, Dr. Lauranne is presenting B.EASY, the new range of tailor-made skin-care, which everybody can create in accordance with his/her personal skin and sensorial needs.

To understand how B.EASY works, and why it was created, we have been talking with our lab experts. Here are 7 tips on the exclusive personalised B.EASY creams by Dr. Lauranne.

Why is a personalised face cream so important?

A tailor-made cream, definitively more than a standard formulation,  keeps into consideration a variety of pretty individual factors , which influence the skin welfare:  inborn features, written in our DNA, consumption of drugs, unbalanced diets or hormonal imbalances ( also temporary, like those happening during pregnancy) . Also cold, heat, smog and surely stress are all enemies of our skin’s wellbeing.

Not to underestimate, ageing of course plays a key role in our skin’s outlook: while in a young skin the cells renewal can minimise a good variety of imperfections, a mature face receives a minor and poorer cells turn-over, with the new cells lacking in collagen and elastin – which are actually the real skin substrates – thus getting damaged day by day.

A personalised cream may adapt to all modifications in a person’s needs, as soon as they arise.  If I live in a cold weather country, probably my skin shall be quite sensible, exactly because of the local climate, thus, I shall be requiring a good protection, a strong texture with a protective active, which can work out as a screen towards the environmental aggressions. But, if I move to a warmer country, I shall adapt my skin-care to the new conditions, by adopting a more intensive moisturizer  and a sun-filter : it’s always my face, but the different environmental conditions require a modification of my daily beauty routine. 

By using B.EASY, we can however maintain the base that we like, our beloved fragrance and change the active ingredient: only a tailor-made product can adapt that much to each individual needs ‘ change.

How can I create my personal cream?

Simply in the quiet of your home, in just few clicks. Step into the dedicated web site section and choose the base as first, the one  which shall give the cream a ticker or softer texture; select the active,  in looking for the activity you wish the product to perform; finally, complete by selecting the fragrance you love more.

With B.EASY the user is really the maker !

Which bases shall I find inside B.EASY system?

You have a selection of 5 bases, starting with tick and rich formulations, suitable to demanding, over dry skins, getting to softer formulations, with quick absorption ratio, generally suitable to younger skins.

The 5 bases at your disposal in B.EASY system are:

  • strong: dry, dehydrated skins, over 45, ideal in cold/dry climate, absorbing in 5-10 minutes
  • medium: normal, dry or sensitive skins, over 35, continental climate, absorbing in 5-10 minutes
  • soft: all skin types, from 30 over, in every climatic condition, absorbing in 5 minutes
  • ultra soft: all skin types, from 20, particularly suitable in hot/humid climates, absorbing in 2 minutes
  • soft gel: mostly addressed to young skins with small impurities, from 20 years, all climates, absorbing in 1 minute
How can I choose my active ingredient?

Choosing the proper active is critical. The active is exactly the functional substance which shall work onto your skin, thus being your real ally  in order to obtain a specific result. B.EASY proposes 10 different active complexes,  addressed to deal with specific needs or imperfections, however, in case of doubt, please find one of our experts always available for a professional advice: just send a brief description of what you are looking for in the section “ The expert replies “  ( LINK ) – we shall contact you promptly to support your choice.

The 10 B.EASY actives are:
  • moisturizing, main ingredients are Pullulan, a complex sugar, and hyaluronic acid: the skin is visibly regenerated, smoother and nourished.
  • Antiwrinkle, with Cassia Angustifolia extract, a botanical alternative to HA acid: the skin is plumped, silky and soft, fine lines are reduced.
  • Contour & volume, with bio-mimetic tetra-peptides: the face contour is reshaped, skin volume is sustained, and the formation of new collagen fibres is boostered.
  • Age-protect, with Candela extract: helps fighting photo-ageing induced by UV rays and free radicals
  • Rejuvenating, with Pyruvic Acid: a fruit acid with bright peeling effect, stimulating the cellular turn-over and the formation of collagen and elastin.
  • Anti-ageing, with Euglena Gracilis extract, a particular algae with skin-repair capabilities: it firms up the tissue, diminishes signs of skin ageing and fading.
  • Antismog: with Moringa seed oil extract, forms a barrier effect towards the oxidative stress caused by pollutants, for a silky, bright skin.
  • Sensitive skin: with specific tetrapeptides having repair- and soothing performances .
  • Skin perfection: with salycilic acid, derived from willow bark, a soft purifying peeling, which ensures death cells and debris removal as well as sebum-secretion regulation.
  • Skin brightener: with Uva Ursi extract, it limits skin difformities and discromies, making the skin brilliant and even-toned.
Which fragrances are available with B.EASY?
  • The choice of a fragrance is purely personal and sensorial. Nevertheless, it is not a secondary issue: quite often, when trying a cream, we appreciate the texture,  but not the smell… Now, with B.EASY again you can personalise even the smallest detail, also selecting the fragrance you like to be pampered by.
Floral or spicy: the 5 B.EASY fragrances
  • Cashmir: woody note mixed up with white flowers, mysterious and enveloping oriental breath
  • Vanilla & Ginger: sweet and warm notes of vanilla invigorated by the pungent touch of ginger
  • Indulging: floral note, citrus, sensual and luxurious
  • Incense & Black Pepper: penetrating, warm and balsamic tone, refreshed by spicy and woody echoes
  • Guaiaco wood: rosy, fine, discreet, slightly chypre bouquet, with spicy accents
How shall I prepare my B.EASY  at home?

After having ordered it from the dedicated e-commerce ( LINK ), you shall receive the kit with all the selected ingredients directly to your home, in a few days time. Just some minimal steps and in  a short while your tailor-made skin-care is ready! The regular B.EASY package shall list all the INCI and the how to use instructions. The box is containing:

  • Base ( 50 ml )
  • Active ( 4 ml )
  • Fragrance ( 4 ml )
  • A glass spatula, to mix the compound
  • Instructions
Now you know that getting your ideal face cream is not an unattainable desire, so just step into the B.EASY world and create your ideal product!