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Do you know how to listen to your skin when it speaks to you?

Can you guess what its redness, the loss of brightness, that annoying feeling of dryness after washing your face are silently telling you?


Welcome to the world of Dr. Lauranne:

we want to drive you among the secrets of an healthy and luminous skin, listening to its every necessity and nourishing it with what it really needs.

We work carefully in developing our products so that everyone can feel good in their skin. On every occasion. And we do it by putting together what we consider most important: the ethics of the scientific approach, the desire to always be innovative, the attention to personalization.

This is how we are able to create responses aimed at the (very different) needs of everyone. This is how our creams go around the world (we are present in over 20 countries!). That’s how we meet every day faces of different nationalities, who need tailor-made treatments … because you know: latitude that you go, skin that you find!

We like to give you that reassuring feeling of luminance in your skin … the first business card you show off!

This is why Dr. Lauranne laboratories only manufacture high quality cosmetics, the result of research, development and production Made in Italy.


What will we talk about in our Blog:

In our blog you will find practical tips for your daily skin care, curiosities and trends from the cosmetic world and many insights for a conscious beauty routine!

Month after month we will let you discover what’s inside the jars of cosmetic creams … We will guide you in choosing the ideal products for your skin type … We will help you to untangle yourself in the INCI (that long list of often abstruse names on the boxes! ). We will involve YouTubers and Bloggers in testing our products, letting us get their real feedbacks, we will let you enter our laboratories to find out how we create our products …


We launch a new line of personalized creams

The skin of your face talks about you. Now also YOUR cream shall.

Dr. Lauranne has designed for you the new line of customizable creams B.easy, real beauty allies that everyone can create … Just choose the base that you prefer, the most suitable Active for your skin needs, the Perfume that more caresses your senses … and receive it directly at home!

If you really want to achieve results, do not spread anything you find on your skin: create your ideal cream!
Find out how on our site: it’s simple, fun, fast! We’ll talk more in detail on this blog in a few days …


Discovering Dr. Lauranne new web site:

More glamor? More rich in contents? Closer to you? Got it! our site has been renewed!
Discover the entire Dr. Lauranne range: body creams to pamper yourself, must have for daily cleansing, face formulations perfectly studied with optimal concentration of active ingredients, without parabens and cruelty free … Not to mention specific products for the male universe!

Keep connected with our best-sellers showcase and the most discounted products: you will always be updated with the latest cosmetic news, taking advantage of in-course promotions … And thanks to our e-commerce service, just a few clicks and your wish comes true – just to your door! A fast, pleasant, practical way (no queues at the cash desks and compulsive purchases!) – to put in the beauty-case something you do not want to do without.

Do you want more information about any product? Are you unsure about the best sebum-regulator you can adopt? Do not you know which active is most suitable to your skin? Our online Consulting Service is at your disposal!


Now come and enter into Dr. Lauranne world … And turn the beauty routine into a gesture of tailor-made well-being!
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