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B.easy: your Beauty formulation in merely few clicks.

Available for you the best selection of cosmetic ingredients to forge a cream to be unique, like your face actually is.

Start with your preferred BASE, add the ACTIVE most suitable to your skin need, enrich with the FRAGRANCE which better pampers your senses…

And, in case of need, our experts are at your disposal to guide you throughout your choice.


The service is available from Monday to Friday – 11 am to 7 pm by e-mail.

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What is a base?

a 2 - B Easy

5 options


What is an active?

2 - B Easy

10 options


What is a fragrance?

3 - B Easy

5 options


b 2 - B Easy

Add to the base, the active and the fragrance you have chosen

As a gift, a glass spoon to mix your cream properly

Inside the box you shall find a coupon with a 15% discount on following purchases for b.easy products.


Choose your base

5 formulations at your disposal, to create your cream structure, a selection of rich and tick textures, suitable to mature or demanding skins, or light recipes, with quick absorption ratio, generally preferred by younger skins.

Strong: for dry, dehydrated skins, over 45 years of age, cold/dry climate, absorbed in 5-10 min

For normal, dry and sensitive skins, from 35 years of age, continental climate, absorbed in 5-10 min

Suitable to all skin types, from 30 yeas of age, all climate, absorbed in 5 min

Suitable to all skin types, age starting from 20, all climates, especially suitable to hot/humid places, absorbing in 2 min

Suitable to all skin types, specially to oily/impure ones, from 20 years of age, all climate, absorbed in 1 min


Choose a active

It is the true ally to achieve results.
Choose the one that suits you among 10 active complexes ready to act for the wellness of your skin .

With Candela extract: helps fighting photo-ageing induced by UV rays and free radicals

With Cassia Angustifolia extract, a botanical alternative to HA acid: the skin is plumped, silky and soft, fine lines are reduced

With Moringa seed oil extract, forms a barrier effect towards the oxidative stress caused by pollutants, for a silky, bright skin

With bio-mimetic tetra-peptides: the face contour is reshaped, skin volume is sustained, and the formation of new collagen fibres is boostered

Main ingredients are Pullulan, a complex sugar, and hyaluronic acid: the skin is visibly regenerated, smoother and nourished

With Uva Ursi extract, it limits skin difformities and discromies, making the skin brilliant and even-toned

With salycilic acid, derived from willow bark, a soft purifying peeling, which ensures death cells and debris removal as well as sebum-secretion regulation

With specific tetrapeptides having repair- and soothing performances

With Pyruvic Acid: a fruit acid with bright peeling effect, stimulating the cellular turn-over and the formation of collagen and elastin

With Euglena Gracilis extract, a particular algae with skin-repair capabilities: it firms up the tissue, diminishes signs of skin ageing and fading


Choose a fragrance

Your cream is now getting ready, you only need to add in the fragrance which better pampers your senses…

Woody note mixed up with white flowers, mysterious and enveloping oriental breath

Rosy, fine, discreet, slightly chypre bouquet, with spicy accents

Penetrating, warm and balsamic tone, refreshed by spicy and woody echoes

Floral note, citrus, sensual and luxurious

Sweet and warm notes of vanilla invigorated by the pungent touch of ginger



choose your base


choose a active


choose a fragrance